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SS - Human History 5 SS - Human History 5

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Trying to contact

hello jordan, whether or not you remember me, but i was one of your first reveiws on the animation of thoughts.
My name is Michael Zwiggelaar, and at the time of the reveiw i was 17, however now i am 18... and thankfully have stumbled upon or website (by accident), or for a purppose, and have started veiwing your videos since 1. thoughts...
its funny how so far everything that you seem to be speaking of, or showing visual aid of, ive seen in my mind, imagend as a child, or drawn/ doodles in my sketch books (not everything) but most... and ironicly, if it can be depicted as such... i am an indigo, and have allways known this... My dreams that i have our pure connections with a what would be astral community (grid), and i know this.. Willingly subjecting myself to channeling. I meditate, and tend to only do this when im in the water element, (my sign is cancer). Now i dont want to seem like im fll of myself, but everyday i realize more and more about the public reality that is of not realizing what they see, or the dumbed down suroundings that we call media, and music.
Pardon my spelling errors, if any are noticible, but i have a short attention span to correctness and like inventing my own words when ever possible, typically taking laten or french, and mixing it with education vocabulary that the common man doesnt comprehend, resulting in a word that makes sence to the listner, but not typically allowing the veiwer the circumstance of repeating the phrase....
Sorry, im kinda babbling but im really exited to be in contact, and since found your video... It truelly kept me up from getting to sleep for work tomorow, and allowed me to subject myself to a reality that ive been pushiing down in order to (construct my life), for future goals. That honestly, i have no desire to achieve, im a natural healer.. i do energy balancing, and am thinking of learning reiki. or some for of phyciatry proffesion. However i am also an artist who is fully intuned with my musical, drawing, and imaginative worlds. I love day dreamning, and can have time pass faster then thought possible creating films, events, or subject matter in my mind that ill never draw out for the sake of my own sanctuary that ive created... however ive allso has the same vission, that i can pin point in todays life.... most of which seem to be, one way or another chained by mirrors.... and i have tremendious issues solving these puzzles. that last time i tried, it resulted in me almost getting sucked out of my present reality into a mirror, with a dead soldier behind it, who grabed me, pulled me towards the surface the glass the only thing keeping me from going through, opening its mouth and making me make a howling noise that i cant explain, it sounded like death of a soul.... if it makes sence, (if the idea of a dementor from harry potter makes sence, this was doing the same thing), and i woke up making the same sound, however thankfully it was my lil kid brother (a crystal) who woke me from this trance...
anyway, ive had many experiences like this, and would love to share more with you over a possible disscusion, and i hope that you contact me back.

If you are interested, my skype is the fallowing
or if email, is more prefurable -

anyway, hope to hear from you soon.
Michael Arthur Jan Zwiggelaar
(although i prefure mathayaes)

SS - Thoughts SS - Thoughts

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Thank you.

I am a 17 year old student, ironiclly im most likely part of only 1 % of the teenage population that actually understand what your speaking about, and truelly am thankful that you took the time to make this video. Although if i wanted to critic this towards an animation principle, i would have to say you would get a 3/10. However that is not the purpose of this video, the purpose in my eyes is to share to the masses what is an obvious message. That you control your life, and that we as humans are all connected etc... This is not a religious statement but rather an anilitycall portrail of how humans have deceanded in evolution receantly in a more negative way. War for example would cease to exist if evryone understood that there is no reason to fear one another, however once again, its hard to forgive waht is not allowed to be forgotten.
For example, in highschools in Canada, we have the holocaust pushed on us daily when in grade 12, and comunism from grade 10-11, yet we are a democratic nation? We are not taught on how to be entrepreneurs, but rather sheep, learning to join the flock that is typically society. Not to mention the 9/11 tragidy etc...
Anyone im getting off topic, basicly i jsut wanted to thank you for sharing this video and hope to see more in future, although the animation is indeed no that well done, and some of the images tiresome to look at. I have no issue listning.
Thats one thing people will need to learn to do first before comunicating in a more positive way, the art of communication is become a lost treasure that not many people share anymore. Texting and internet Mass messaging is replacing it.

haha, any way. Cheers... hope this review is read by more then just the author.
Mike. Z

RiverJordan responds:

Thanks for the great review :) I'm glad you connect with this on the level that you do.

Do not worry about the state of the world though, we have not descended in evolution, were just going through something of a disharmonic state. It happens every time a species gets to where we are. We will be out of it very soon too. Stand up, and help spread this message through your own personal actions.